Your Magnum Opus™

Written With You. Published for You. Brilliant Because of You.
(And Finally OFF Your Bucket List.)
This Is Your Magnum Opus.
The Moment Has Finally Arrived.

It’s time for you to craft the book you’ve had in mind, so you can share…

  • Your mission or…
  • Your unique approach or…
  • Your most important knowledge...

And you’ve arrived to the right page, on the right site, at precisely the right instant, if you’re looking to pass on your legacy to…

  • Those you want to inspire and empower
  • Your team, students, colleagues, family
  • Those who will follow in your footsteps
  • The world!

And we’re here to help you achieve those things, while also hitting the best-seller list, expanding your reach and brand, and creating greater impact in the world!!

Which of the Three Describes You Best?

Our proprietary ‘Magnum Opus’ process was created for three kinds of people. If you landed on this page you probably relate to one of them. Go ahead and review them now, and once you find the type you relate to most, click the button on this page to schedule your call with Diana.

Are You a 'C-Level Executive'
Like Jane?

Jane Egerton-Idehen is now the head of sales at Meta -Middle East and Africa.

We helped her design, publish, and launch her best-selling Magnum Opus, ‘Be Fearless’.

It’s her flawless master-work about what happens when a girl from the slums dares to dream and becomes a leader in the telecom industry, mentoring other girls and women to do the same.

Captain Geoff Abbott is a retired U.S. Coast Guard captain.

The team helped him create his best-selling Magnum Opus, ‘Unauthorized Progress’ that led to significant national media exposure!

It reveals inspiring stories of ordinary heroes achieving extraordinary results in the midst of serious crises, such as Hurricane Katrina, wildfires, and missions in Afghanistan.

Are You a 'Retired Pro'
Like Geoff?
Are You a 'Change-Agent'
on a Mission Like Scott?

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning commercial filmmaker.

We helped him launch and create a movement for his best-selling Magnum Opus, ‘The 7 Core Skills of Every Day Happiness’.

It uses memorable stories to help people understand how often they’re telling themselves things that are working against their happiness.

Sandra Stosz is a retired Vice Admiral, United States Coast Guard.

As a new author, Sandra wasn’t sure what kind of help she needed. Diana and the team provided guidance for the launch plan for ‘Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters.’

Are You a Retired ‘Pro’
Like Sandra?
We Know This Is About More Than ‘Book Sales’ or a ‘Status Symbol’.

This is the tome that defines your legacy – your mark on the world – and the world is waiting for it!

Your Magnum Opus™ is the masterpiece of words, thoughts and ideas that you want to…

NO! That you MUST share!

Click the button to schedule your Magnum Opus call today.

We’ll Write It With You.
(Let Us Sweat the Details)
The Moment Has Finally Arrived.

Or, if you want to, you can write it yourself – totally up to you.

Thanks to our team’s extensive experience and resources, you only handle the pieces you want!

And the entire process is private. You’ll work directly with Diana, so you know your book is in the best hands possible.

We’ll be with you every step of the way from concept all the way through publishing – and beyond, if you’d like our support to get your book to best seller status, into the media and more.

You can write the book, or…

We’ll guide you through the creation process – and gift you with an editor for your book who ‘gets’ your voice, your story, your expertise, and your goals.

With our attention to detail, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we’ll be even pickier than you are! No I’s un-dotted, no T’s un-crossed.

This will be your powerfully written and expertly edited book that you can be proud to share with everyone – family, friends, colleagues, business networks and beyond.

We’ll Publish It for You.
(Under Your Brand)
Don’t Get Lost in the Three-Ring Circus of the Publishing Process

Your time is far too valuable to waste it on that stressful mess. Better for you to spend your time creating than negotiating with publishers or navigating technology.

And don’t drown in the sea of Amazon’s publishing options – let us handle all that.

Business Book Partners has mentored and guided hundreds of authors through the writing, publishing, and launch processes.

We’ve taken nearly 120 in a row to Best Seller status on Amazon!

We know all the ins and outs of publishing. We’ll make sure your cover stands out, so you SHINE, and also make sure there’s not ONE stray comma or a SINGLE typo anywhere in your masterpiece!

We know that you expect – make that ‘demand’ – the best from the people around you. That’s what you will get with the Business Book Partners team – because our standards are just as high as yours.

And It Will Be Brilliant Because of You.
Your Ideas, Your Essence, Your Experience, Your Genius!

We know that your Magnum Opus, if properly handled and with the right support, will be brilliant – and not only because of our process!

The BBP process just ensures it gets done right.

The REAL reason your masterpiece will be brilliant is YOU!

  • YOU shared in the written word…
  • YOU and your unique knowledge and insight, captured in a single tome…
  • YOU and your masterwork as your gift to the world!

Our team and the BBP process are designed to draw out the best of you and get it in front of as many eyes as possible. That’s what we’re on Earth to do and THAT is exactly what we will do with YOU!

So, Let’s Cross It Off Your Bucket List!
(Like We’ve Done With So Many of These People)
The Proof Is in the Process.

Your book has been on your list for a while, maybe even for decades, hasn’t it?

Maybe you’ve even written another book or two?

But your Magnum Opus is still waiting, so let us help – just send us…

  • Your journals
  • Your files…
  • Your audios…
  • Your videos…

Or let us interview you and we’ll turn your story and your expertise into a book you can be proud of.

At BBP there’s nothing left to chance – The proof is in the process and the results – Just listen to what these Business Book Partner clients have to say:

Jane Edgerton, Head of Sales at Meta -Middle East and Africa

“The high level plans she showed me, nobody could be that detailed”

Lou and Sherri Everett, Executive and Leadership Coaching and Training

“That process works, so follow the process”

Scott Wilhite
Award-winning Filmmaker